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Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance
Air Ambulance

More than an ambulance in the sky, air ambulance aircraft are able to sustain the most critical of patients during the stressful transfer between cities. Staffed with medical crew experienced in aeromedical emergency and intensive care medicine, we can take off within two to three hours from go ahead.

Where possible, we perform air ambulance transfers on a bed-to-bed basis. Our flight medical crew pick up the patient from the hospital at departure and follow through the entire transfer to the hospital at the arrival location. We do this to ensure the highest possible level of patient care. The only restrictions on bed-to-bed transfers are limits on pilot duty time, security and insurance restrictions, and immigration requirements.

To ensure the fastest deployment and highest possible quality of care, our aircraft remain permanently configured in dedicated fully-intensive care mode. MIAA has access also to other dedicated air ambulance aircraft which can be deployed when and where required should the situation demand. This allows flexibility in cases of mass casualty or delayed availability.

Apart from carrying out secondary transfers from hospital to hospital, MIAA also specialises in primary transfers which may involve collecting patients from remote and difficult locations where local medical resources are limited. Our medical teams can face situations that require optimising the patient for transfer before flight. Our medical staff are carefully selected individuals with the skills to take the appropriate clinical decisions whatever the environment or situation they face.

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