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Clinical Governance

We have strict, mandatory clinical governance procedures that are adhered to throughout any operation. They cover every aspect of air ambulance deployment from aeromedical staffing and equipment to the careful planning of any mission, and a full clinical assessment and the correct packing of the patient prior to the flight.

These procedures and attention to detail reduce the risk of unexpected or critical situations occurring at 35,000 feet where teams operate in constricted space.

Every patient transfer has inherent risks. Our role is therefore to evaluate the clinical benefits and risks of patient transfers in order to decide on the optimal medical response. To aid us, we utilise a risk scoring system to ensure transfer protocols are based on a uniform standards.

Quality of patient care is therefore backed by robust system based on Patient Care Protocols developed by our clinical governance team. Our chief medical officer reviews each transfer and post transfer outcome to ensure a cycle of improvements.

In addition, our dedicated bio-med engineering department ensures medical equipment is in a continuous state of preparedness. We also ensure our aeromedical staff undergo continuous professional development.

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