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Crew Training

The training of the air ambulance service flight crew is one of the most important factors for the success of any aeromedical mission. Aeromedical transport courses are mandatory for all our medical crews in order for them to understand the real impact of altitude, cabin pressure, vibration, noise, dehydration and other in-flight conditions on patients’ hemodynamic stability.

All MIAA medical personnel forming part of our flight crews are proven professionals with specific aeromedical training. We deploy similarly trained staff to deliver other services too, such as providing medical escorts on scheduled airline flights or when transporting organs.

With state-of-the-art equipment fitted in the Medilink MIAA Air Ambulance Service and our highly-trained aeromedical flight crew, transfers can be carried out safely and with improved patient outcomes. Medevac is a very complex process, involving a significant team.

More than 18 people are involved in each air ambulance flight mission, including mission control operators, flight engineers, pilots, operations’ managers, topside support doctors, as well as ambulance crews on departure and on arrival.

Each team member is trained to not only be at the top of their field but also to work seamlessly with and be cognisant of the roles of other team members. This level of coordination and attention to staff development contributes to our guaranteeing the highest level of patient care.

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